The Australian Wiltshire Horn Sheepbreeders Association

Who We Are

The Purpose of the AWHSA

The aim of the Australian Wiltshire Horn Sheepbreeders Association is to develop and promote the Wiltshire Horn breed and to provide support to breeders of these unique sheep through a variety of activities. 

We believe in working together to ensure the breed maintains its quality and esteem within industry. By supporting our members with events, tools and guidance, our cooperative approach allows breeders to enjoy their Wiltshires to the greatest possible extent.

For a stud or commercial breeder in your local area please see our member list here.

Alternatively contact one of our friendly committee members and they will be happy to provide information about breeders in your area.


Code of Ethics & Conduct

  1. The full pedigree of all stud stock is to be recorded. Complete records for both ewes and rams will be kept, and print-outs showing at least the 3 previous generations made available to purchasers. All stud sheep to be registered with the ASSBA and ownership transferred to the purchaser.

  2. A vendor's declaration will be supplied at the point of sale to the purchaser. The guarantee will state the health status of the animal and its pedigree for the previous 3 generations.

  3. Selling sheep for slaughter: If sheep are in a shedding state they should be shorn before slaughter because of problems at abattoirs with equipment and drains. Also the appearance of stock in the saleyards. Cull saleyard animals (rams and ewes) marked 'slaughter only'.

  4. Tail docking. Tails should be docked to no less than the third vertebra; ie covering the vulva.

  5. Association members will not knowingly sell stock that do not have the capacity to shed fully.

  6. If a ewe has proven barren (as certified by veterinary inspection) for 2 consecutive years it will be replaced (this was intended to cover ewes that are genetically/anatomically barren, not those which eg have become obese on new place, or damaged by an accident, or having had a disease) .

  7. The Association will supply a price report (ie a range of prices for different classes) for the sale of sheep to all members annually based on sale results. Members will be asked to voluntarily supply figures to enable this report to be compiled.

  8. All sheep will be accurately described, advertised or defined. ie. (a) registered stud stock (b) unregistered full blood commercial (c) commercial grade sheep stating cross (eg. 4th cross Wiltshire Horn, or 6th cross Wiltshire Horn and where possible showing what other breeds had been used) (d) commercial crossbred.


Committee Members:

President | John Clarke
Laradell Stud, Seymour

Vice President | Brian Wilson
Byarlea Rd via Crystal Brook
SA 5583
08 8636 6219

Secretary | Jason O'Loghlin
2714 Moonee Swamp Rd
Deniliquin NSW 2710
0429 024 261

Treasurer | Gary Tie
2/66 Bayswater Rd,
Croydon VIC 3136
0448 027 808