Can I upgrade my crossbred sheep to Wiltshire status?

Stud Wiltshire Horn sheep can only be derived from other Stud Wiltshires by an unbroken chain of pedigree, ownership, and registration. Commercial Wiltshires (that is, those lacking pedigree and an unbroken chain of registration) can never become Stud sheep. And no sheep having, at any time in the past, an ancestor from whatever breed who was not a Stud Wiltshire Horn sheep, can ever become a Stud Wiltshire Horn sheep. However there is a good market for 'commercial' Wiltshires and they are used in many farming systems. We do not support registration of annex or appendix flocks.

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Meredith Heeley
Do Wiltshire Horns behave like other sheep?

Wiltshire Horn behaviour is generally similar to other sheep. However, they are less strongly flocking, preferring to graze in ones or twos during the day, and then come together with the rest of the flock at night. They are difficult to work with dogs, but very easy to train to come when called (especially easily trained with food!). They don't panic like Merinos.

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I see they are described as 'easy care', does this mean I don't have to do anything?

Wiltshire Horns are described as 'easy care' as their needs are incredibly low-maintenance relative to other sheep breeds.

They need to be vaccinated, drenched for worms (where worms are a problem) and they can get health problems like any other animal. However the labor (and problems) associated with wool is unnecessary - no shearing, crutching, certainly no mulesing, no dipping for blowfly or lice treatment. In terms of the husbandry needed, they are more like cattle or horses than Merinos.

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How do I register my sheep?

When you purchase sheep registered in the Australian Flock Register, you will be invited to join the Australian Stud Sheep Breeders Association Ltd.(ASSBA) Membership to that association, which is separate from membership to the Australian Wiltshire Horn Sheepbreeders Association (AWHSA) will give you access to the Association-sponsored shows and sales and will enable you to make use of the ASSBA’s records of flocks, breeding, recording of pedigrees etc.

All stud sheep that you purchase must have the change of ownership registered with the ASSBA. All sheep that you wish to sell as stud sheep must have their pedigrees registered with the ASSBA, and you must have registered your flock with them. All sheep that are shown must be registered stud sheep.

If you purchase sheep from a flock that is not a registered stud flock, or purchase sheep that are not registered with the ASSBA, they can never become stud sheep later.

Once you are yourself a member of the ASSBA you will be able to in turn register sheep you breed that meet the AWHSA Standard (as presented in the Flock Book). Note we do not support the registration of Appendix Flocks - neither non-stud ( or 'commercial') purebred sheep, nor crossbred sheep, can ever be upgraded to become stud sheep.

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Meredith HeeleyAWHSA